Contemporary or Vintage, which one to choose?

Contemporary or Vintage, which one to choose?  


Sometimes it is not easy to find a style of decoration that we identify with and with which we feel comfortable.

It is in our home that we spend most of our time, resting, living with the family, now working, etc. Therefore, one of the main conditions for the decoration of each house is that it must be as comfortable as possible.

Two great styles present today are Contemporary and Vintage, which are opposite.


Contemporary Style

This style is mainly described as being very functional and often minimalist. The main objective is to maintain a “clean” and modern environment. One of the advantages of contemporary style is that it gives you complete freedom to innovate and modernize the home at any time. Unlike vintage, rustic and even industrial, nothing is too marked and is always open to innovation.

Use neutral colours – like beige, white, black, grey and brown – and don’t forget to mix geometric shapes and incorporate stripes and patterns.

The combination of comfort and style are the two main characteristics of this style!

If you are looking for modern, adaptable solutions with a modern personality for your home, you will surely find a contemporary style.


Vintage Style

This style is known to bring the past to the present, especially the 20s and 80s. This style can fit into the retro style, but be careful not to confuse them! The vintage style is part of the retro style, but the latter has much more to it.

A way to create this authentic atmosphere inside your home is to get genuine vintage pieces.

Some ideas for the best pieces of furniture that you may want to integrate into your decor are armchairs, wall clocks, sofas, telephone sets, old televisions, radios and even old appliances.

The most used tones are the pastels you can use on furniture, walls, ceilings, etc.

The vintage decor brings, above all, an atmosphere full of romantic personality and a bit of nostalgia from the past into your home.


While the contemporary style brings comfort and modern and functional decoration to the home, the vintage style brings nostalgia and a romantic atmosphere. What style would suit you best?


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