Complete guide about Matosinhos

Complete guide about Matosinhos  


The city of Matosinhos is the choice of many Portuguese and foreigners to live in. Combining the quality of life of a medium-size city with the proximity to the big centre of Oporto, the perfect conditions are created to make Matosinhos an obvious choice nowadays.

Living in Matosinhos is desirable not only for beach lovers but also for those who like an eclectic, vibrant and growing city.


Getting to know Matosinhos

The municipality of Matosinhos is part of the metropolitan region of Oporto and is adjacent to the northern city. As a coastal municipality, it has a large stretch of beach. In the summer, you can enjoy one of the 13 beaches in Matosinhos distinguished with the Blue Flag Award. Even in winter, it is common to see dozens of surfers in the sea.


Good infrastructures

Despite not having the socio-economic importance of the city of Oporto, Matosinhos is not far behind in terms of infrastructure and services. There are several restaurants and bars of all varieties, two large shopping centres in addition to traditional commerce, libraries, theatres, cinemas, sports facilities, swimming pools and dozens of schools. Here you will find all the necessary services for your day-to-day life.


Leisure in Matosinhos

As we have already mentioned, Matosinhos is a city with excellent quality of life. If you like sports, this is the ideal city. You can leave work and go for a walk along the seafront, go for a workout in Parque da Cidade or go shopping in the traditional commerce of the city.


Good food

Matosinhos is known as the city where you can eat the best fish in the world. The many fish restaurants invite you to enjoy grilled fish or a seafood platter. Especially in the warm months, there are several gastronomic festivals that you can take advantage of to get to know the traditional delicacies of Matosinhos.


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