Coastal style design: break away from the clichés

Coastal style design: break away from the clichés

With spring just around the corner, the desire to give our home a new look grows. In particular, if you live by the sea. In this article, we bring the most delightful tips to create a coastal style design in your home. Forget anchors and starfish.

A home with a design inspired by coastal life always has cozy and relaxed elements.

White, navy blue, and yellow remind us of the sea and the sun. Also, sand tones and coral add a special touch and take us to the warm sands.

But a coastal decor can be much more than the much seen blue and white. There is more to it than just the nautical style.

Through the use of natural light, soft tones, and a clean aesthetic, you can bring the beach indoors, avoiding usual designs and sailor stripes.

Simple in white

In a home with excellent natural lighting white is usually the predominant color.

Quite simple to use, simply painting the walls cum a clean, crisp white tone is enough to make a home serene and cool.

Especially in warm environments, white helps to keep spaces milder and airier.

Natural elements

It is common for coastal style design decorations to have anchors, starfish, whelks, and conch shells.

But there are much more besides the tiny crustaceans that wash ashore every year.

To create a coastal style incorporate different natural elements.

Choose furniture made of wicker, light, and weathered woods.

Rugs made of straw, seaweed, or jute are also elements that transform your home into a coastal cottage.

Decorate your sofas with cushions made of simple, unglamorous fabrics. Choose curtains made of light and flowing materials, such as linen or cotton.

Contemporary charm

Coastal style design is relatively free and can be eclectic.

Therefore, it is possible to create a design even without using blue. Natural tones and neutrals are great to contrast with white, creating a cozy atmosphere.

You can use old pink, dry pink, or light pink for a more romantic setting.

Or you can combine some vintage pieces like lace bedspreads to add charm to your beach house decoration.

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