Best World Food Restaurants in Matosinhos

Best World Food Restaurants in Matosinhos  


Matosinhos is widely known for its fish and seafood restaurants, where locals and tourists from all over the country delight in the freshest of what comes from our sea. However, Matosinhos has much more options for those who enjoy different and exotic flavors.

Today, we show you the best world food restaurants located in Matosinhos.



Sicario Taqueria Mexicana is the name of this restaurant whose creations could come directly from the cuisine of Mexican grandparents. Chef Carlos Mañé is responsible for the color and flavor of this restaurant. From the simplest to the most elaborate dishes, you can find options such as Frijoles, Pico de gallo, Chilpachole de Camarón, Taco Al Pastor and Chamorro. The menu is vast and can be accompanied by cocktails, a great wine list or traditional tequilas.



The pizzeria that shares the name of its pizzaiolo, António Mezzero, is one of the best known in the country. Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas are known for their fresh quality ingredients and create queues outside António Mezzero’s restaurant almost every day. We recommend traditional pizzas or those that introduce traditional Portuguese ingredients such as Mirandella.



Sushi no Mercado stands out for its concept. Located next to the fish stalls in the Matosinhos market (where they also pick up their fish), it is a good option for sushi lovers, without being too expensive. Sushi no Mercado sells sushi by the meter but you can also order the pieces you want. Customers enjoy traditional sushi without derivations for western flavors. A great suggestion for lovers of Japanese food and sushi in particular.



The restaurant we chose to highlight for Indian food lovers captures the essence of the flavors of southern India. The owner is from Kerala and wanted to bring a new India, different from that which the intense flavors of Indian restaurants have accustomed us to. We talk about Swaad. The proposal includes lighter, milder flavors and cooked with less fat. Of course, the curry remains the protagonist – there are more than a dozen options – but dishes like Idli, Dosa or Uttappam and vegetable samosas will delight you on a future visit.


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