The best Christmas movies of 2019

The best Christmas movies of 2019 


Nothing better than watching a movie on the couch, wrapped in a blanket while enjoying a hot drink. At this time of year, there is a wide choice of Christmas movies, from the classic “Home Alone” or “The Holiday” to new premieres. 2019 was a year of many releases, so we highlight some that may be good suggestions to watch this Christmas:

Last Christmas is a drama movie that premiered on December 5 in theatres in Portugal. The film chronicles the life of Kate, an English girl who meets a boy who changes her life completely.

Noelle is a feature film between fantasy and comedy produced by Walt Disney Pictures. This movie tells the story of two brothers, Nick and Noelle, who discover the true meaning of Christmas through a great adventure.

Holiday in the Wild is a Netflix exclusive romantic comedy. It tells the story of a young woman embarking on a journey alone to Africa, where she discovers an important mission and potential romance.

-Like the one before, When Snow Falls is a Netflix-exclusive youth romantic comedy. On Christmas Eve, a snowstorm hits a small town and changes the future of high school finalists. The remaining adventures make up this movie.

Klaus is aimed at the youngest, an animated film that tells of the unlikely friendship between a selfish postman and a lonely toymaker.

 You can find all these movies on Netflix or your nearest movie theatre.

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