Beaches you can enjoy in Matosinhos

Beaches you can enjoy in Matosinhos  


Matosinhos is a municipality bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and with some of the best beaches in the country. The northern beaches, known for the cold waters and punished by the north wind, are the ideal stage for the practice of water sports and for sunbathing, as long as you don’t forget the windscreen.

The municipality of Matosinhos currently has 12 beaches with the Blue Flag Award. Below, we list 8 of the 16 beaches that you can enjoy in Matosinhos if you choose to live in this area rich in natural resources.



Praia de Matosinhos is an urban beach with immense sand, where you can do the most diverse activities, in and out of the water. It is an ideal beach for surf initiation.


Leça da Palmeira

Leça da Palmeira Beach has an extensive sand area and few rocks. Much sought after for surfing and bodyboarding, it requires caution due to the danger of the sea.



Beach with many rocks that form puddles at low tide. It is sheltered and has excellent infrastructure.


Boa Nova

Praia da Boa Nova is quite rocky and has a small sand area. It has plenty of parking and easy access.


Azul (Conchinha)

The Blue Beach in Leça da Palmeira is surrounded by a promenade that allows good access and that provides support to vacationers. The sea in this area is very rough, which requires extra care for swimmers.



The beach is awarded a blue flag and has natural vegetation around the sand. It is a beach much sought after by surfers and bodyboarders given the favourable conditions for these sports.


Cabo do Mundo

Cabo do Mundo Beach has a dune area that is protected by wooden walkways. It has a curious aspect, which is to have a rocky border between the sand and the sea.



Praia da Memória in Perafita is known as the place where D. Pedro landed in 1832 with an army of 7500 men to defeat his brother, D. Miguel. In this place, the Obelisk of Memory was erected and the beach was named in honour of this monument.


We also highlight a set of beaches of extreme quality that you can visit in Matosinhos: 

  • Marreco
  • Quebrada
  • Agudela
  • Pedras do Corgo
  • Pedras Brancas
  • Funtão
  • Angeiras Sul
  • Angeiras Norte


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