Advantages of living in an apartment

Advantages of living in an apartment


Are you looking for your new home but are undecided about choosing between a house or an apartment? Learn with us the advantages of living in an apartment!

The first factor to take into account are costs: when compared to a house, water, gas and electricity costs are lower in an apartment. Also, most buildings nowadays work with condominium systems, which can be a great help in the division of expenses in case any repairs are needed to the building, etc.

Also you will have more advantages regarding taxes when purchasing an apartment.

Another advantage of an apartment is that, not being an individual property, it has a reinforced security system. In addition to the house key, you will also need the building key or code and you will also have, if applicable, a doorman and security facilities (cameras and alarms).

Finally, know that you can find in an apartment what many people see as the great advantage of houses: the outdoor area. The Mouzinho de Albuquerque building offers you spacious apartments with a terrace, to make the most of the experience in a new home, as well as compact apartments so you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning and decoration!

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