Open the doors to nature and decorate with organic elements

Decorating inspired by elements from Nature is a growing trend that is here to stay. If you’re a fan of clean and calm environments, open your doors to Nature and decorate with organic elements.

If you are looking for a style that gives strength to whites and straight lines and mixes organic textures and neutral colors, then a modern and organic design is perfect for your home.

What is modern and organic design?

This design combines elements inspired by Nature, sustainable textiles, and neutral tones into a modern and cozy space.

The organic and modern style can be a variation of minimalist design through a neutral color palette, lines, and the mixing of textures.

How to make the house a modern and organic space

This interior design stands out by achieving effortless decoration. A home decorated with this design is generally airy, with simple lines and sleek silhouettes.


The first step in introducing this style into your home is to adopt a minimalist approach. Always remember: less is more.

So keep the design simple. Avoid too many decorative pieces that cause clutter and make room for decorative elements.

Natural and neutral colors

White is the base and inspirational color of many minimalist designs. Especially for painting ceilings and walls.

To add to the white, you should choose elements in wood color. Add green pieces to bring Nature indoors.

The trick is to create a balanced palette of natural tones and add more striking elements.

Don’t hesitate to add elements with bold colors or add handmade pieces or pieces with gold details.

Organic shapes

A great way to bring Nature indoors is to adopt organic shapes and natural finishes.

Organic, unaligned shapes give an irregular yet elegant and comfortable look. Choose furniture with fewer rectilinear shapes.

Enhance your organic design by using lightly crafted wood, marble, or granite.

Take a walk through the forest and choose dead logs for your nightstands or living room table.

Raw materials

Use natural and soft raw materials for a complete connection with Nature.

For fabrics, you should invest in thread, silk, or cotton. For furniture, choose woods such as oak or walnut. More exotic materials like bamboo are also an option for this style.

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