How to choose the right coffee table for your living room

The coffee table is a super important piece of living room decor. Because it is a multifunctional piece, when choosing a table, you should consider not only by design but also the use you want to give it. Today’s article shows you the best tips for choosing the ideal coffee table for your living room.

The coffee table can function as a serving table, footrest, storage for books and magazines, or a place to play games with the young ones.

Therefore, it’s important to select the correct scale and appropriate material for your coffee table to maximize functionality and durability.

Choosing the Shape

When it comes to choosing the shape of your coffee table, you should start by considering the size of your room.

Is the room spacious or small? If it is square or rectangular, will it detract from the fluidity of the space?

If the space between the sofas is generous, you can opt for a large rectangular or square table.

The trend is to use more than one model to compose the center. The important thing is that they create harmony.

A round or oval center table will give you more fluidity. In addition, it is ideal if you have children or pets at home to avoid accidents.


Another important point to consider is the use of the coffee table. You need to determine if the table will be ornate and if it will have storage or not.

Once you decide on that point, you must choose the type of storage. Coffee tables can have drawers or shelves to store small games or coasters.

Choose a piece that will also serve to set down small plates of snacks and glasses for those leisurely dinners with friends.


Since coffee tables are pieces with a lot of use, especially with little ones around the house, you should choose robust and resistant materials.

Wood is one of the materials of choice as it is sturdy, but it is also a more expensive material.

Therefore, you can opt for more affordable materials with plenty of durabilities, such as MDF or tempered glass.

In addition, they are easier to clean than wood. Marble or acrylic are also good options.

As you can see, it is not difficult to choose a coffee table. Just decide on the model, functionality, and material to find the right piece for your decoration.

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