Victorian Design: Tips for luxurious, elegant decor

Victorian Design: Tips for luxurious, elegant decor

The Victorian design excels for its grandeur and eclectic, luxurious decoration and ornamentation. Mirrors with elaborate and showy frames, sofas upholstered with sumptuous colored velvet, and striking chandeliers with crystals and glitter are hallmarks of this 19th-century style.

Learn how to decorate with the Victorian style without making rooms decor too heavy and cluttered. Yes, because opulence is not necessarily synonymous with elegance and harmony.

This style gained strength during the reign of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, between the 1830s and 1900s, a period of British ascension as a world power.

In a period of wealth and colonial expansion, the Victorian design also included many exotic elements brought from African and Asian colonies.

Victorian design: a modern view

Dark and sturdy colors such as burgundy, dark green, or navy blue characterize the Victorian style. However, to modernize this style, it might be wiser to opt for softer, neutral, and more sober colors.

So, by contrasting elements characteristic of the Victorian era with softer tones, you will be able to create an elegant and contemporary style.

Decorative pieces

In Victorian design, it was common to fill rooms with collections, decorative elements, and objects of all kinds.

However, you can get the look without over cluttering the rooms.

Therefore, to soften this somewhat démodé trait, you can make your rooms more modern by selecting decorative objects with care and attention.

Contrast wooden furniture loaded with personality with more modern elements. Create lighting, and select modern vases or books with a contemporary look.

Don’t forget about sofas, a key piece in Victorian design. If you have found the right sofas for your decor but think it’s not modern enough, don’t hesitate to give them a new look.

The perfect solution is to upholster your sofas, chairs, or armchairs. So, choose more modern fabrics, which will give the room some lightness.

You can also choose a patterned fabric for the chair seats or cushions. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Incorporate mirrors

As we already said, mirrors with adorned frames were a must in every Victorian room.

In your home, you can use Victorian mirrors as a standout piece. All you have to do is to mix them with other modern elements.

Combine them with softer furniture, place them over the fireplace or a sideboard, or hang them on the bathroom wall.


Chandeliers never go out of style. They are unique decor pieces and have kept up with the evolution of interior designs.

If in the Victorian period, chandeliers were, as they should be, imposing, colorful, and striking, today, you can already find more sober pieces.

Adopt a Victorian chandelier with an elegant and luxurious look.

You can opt for the multi-branched version adorned with crystals. Or you can soften the decor with a less-embellished chandelier, keeping its charm.

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