Sofa beds for multifunctional decoration: the best models

Choosing a sofa for the living room can be an adventure. It is essential to choose a practical and comfortable piece, but one that does not compromise the room’s design. Learn how to select the best sofa beds for multifunctional decoration.

As we saw in one of the previous articles, there are several elements to consider when buying a sofa. 

In today’s post, you will learn all you need to know about the different types of sofa beds for a multifunctional decoration.

With the right sofa bed, you won’t need a guestroom to host your friends or family. This type of sofa is one of the multifunctional pieces of furniture that cannot be missing in the home. 

Choosing multifunctional sofa beds

The sofa bed can suit any home, small or big. In a small apartment, sofa beds create extra space for guests. 

In larger houses with spacious living rooms, a generous sofa bed can serve to watch TV more comfortably. 

But if you are thinking of those big, grotesque sofas, don’t get alarmed. Nowadays, there are sofas in the most diverse shapes, fabrics, and sizes. 

Let’s explore some options and learn which are the best sofa beds for multifunctional decoration!

Classic sofa bed

The most common of the sofa beds is one that, at first glance, looks like a regular sofa. Usually, it has three seats, and it can even include a chaise longue, leaving two of the seats transformable. 

In this more classic model, the mattress is under the seats. So, you only need to pull the sofa base to turn it into a double bed. 

Reclining sofa 

Reclining sofa beds can be a great option to incorporate into a lighter, younger decor. 

You can turn this sofa into a bed with no effort and use it for your guests or comfortably watch a movie. 

Remember that whatever the model, you must consider space. Measure the room where you will place the piece and make sure that, when open, the sofa does not take up too much space. 

Armchair Sofa Bed

This type of sofa bed is especially advantageous for smaller homes. It has only one seat and hides a base frame that turns the armchair into a single bed. 

As a rule, you don’t need a mattress since the sofa cushion is also transformable. 

You can also opt for an armchair with a bolder style, a single-seater sofa with a comfortable frame. 

This more minimalist style can also be ideal for placing in the office or a reading room. 

As you have seen, the options are immense. If you like to welcome guests and have guests over, then this may be the perfect solution. 

Surprise your guests with a multifunctional sofa bed and provide them with a comfortable stay. 

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