How to decorate with stripes the easy way

Stripes continue to set trends in interior design. And 2022 will not be an exception. This year, the stripes pattern is back in the proposals for summer decorations. Simple and more traditionally, they bring a twist to interior designs.

Stripes never seem to go out of style. They are a great solution when you need to create a bold decoration.

But they are also perfect for creating a visual effect and giving “new dimensions” to any space.

Vertically, they make any room visually taller. In turn, horizontally, the stripes lengthen the rooms and help create the feeling of having a larger space.

Stripes on the ceiling and walls

Nothing is better to create a strong statement than moving on to the room’s largest areas: the walls or the ceiling.

Today, we’re getting away from the popular monochromatic or colorful striped wallpaper and present different ways to use stripes.

A wooden panel composed of different wood strips gives any room a modern and organized look.

Choose one of the room’s walls and place the wooden stripe panel vertically to give more height to the space.

On the ceiling, you can apply wooden beams along the entire length of the room to completely change the perception of the space.

To achieve a more modern, light, and spring-like look, paint the beams a light color.

Stripes in the details

But there are also several proposals for those who do not want to make significant changes to the decor.

Small decorative elements are enough to make all the difference.

The living room and kitchen are perfect rooms to insert details with stripes.

Choose tablecloths with light fabrics, such as linen or cotton, with thin, light stripes for a more beachy look.

Stripes can subtly enter into the decoration.

Crockery with small details, cutlery with striped handles, or even the napkins are always a good option.

Pillow covers with stripes in soft, neutral tones are great options for the living room. Keep in mind that thinner stripes are more discreet and can blend well with other types of stripes or other decorative elements.

Leave the thicker stripes for outdoor elements. You can use them on awnings, parasols, or even outdoor sofas.

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