Hollywood Glam: Fill your home with style and glamour

There are styles that hardly ever go out of style. Hollywood Glam, so typical of the 1920s and 1930s of the last century, is one of them. It is a dramatic design that mixes bold colors with Victorian fabrics such as velvet.

Refinement and luxury are two of the most striking features of this design, which mix with its boldness and opulence traits.

Design traits

The Hollywood Glam style is a classic. Born between the “roaring 20s” and the early 30s, it has endured to this day, adapting to changes in interior design.

Glamour, glitter, metallics, and lush fabrics are undoubtedly some of the most characteristic features of the Hollywood Glam style.

It stands out for its drama, sensuality, and harmonious exuberance.

Essentially, it is a design marked by luxurious and dramatic decorative elements.

Transform your home with Hollywood Glam design

As we said above, this decorating style excels in rich fabrics, such as satin or velvet, metallics, and bold architectural features.

But with so much glamour, you need to plan your design carefully. By putting together so many strong elements together, you can end up creating an overdone look.

Let’s see how we can elegantly use the style.

Classic or neutral colors

The color palette of Hollywood Glam should be simple. Choose two or three complementary colors to add a bold touch.

A classic black and white scheme is very usual in this style. Purple, gray, red, blue, and green are some options to complement the decor.

Choose textures

Hollywood Glam design stands out by its textures. These can be present in fabrics or decorative objects.

Or both. Sofas, for example, are a decorative element where you can find bold textures such as velvet, satin, or leather.

Bet on patterns

For an interior full of extravagance, it’s important to combine colors with striking patterns.

Geometric, art deco or animal patterns are characteristic of Hollywood Glam design.

You can choose the print for the carpets, the sofas, or even the walls.

If you’re looking for a more discreet yet glamorous environment, opt for a pattern in neutral tones or softer colors.

You can do it by choosing a textured fabric or a wallpaper with a sober pattern.

The important thing is not to overwhelm the space to maintain elegance.

When using Hollywood Glam style, keep all the elements in mind. Select some of the characteristic features of the design to avoid overloading the decor.

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